Friday, December 6, 2013

Week 15 Summary

Hello All,

Congratulations for all the hard work the girls have put in this semester. They all shined on their Blue Book Exam.  They all should be very proud of their work and what they have accomplished this semester.

We had a wonderful last day of the semester. Girls spent the first 1 ½ hours on their exam, then we finished up the last of our loose ends for the semester, and then a party with Challenge A. We watched the movie/documentary – The Star of Bethlehem. It was a great way to finish up this semester. We also previewed what they need to be working on over Christmas break and what to look forward to in the Spring semester.

Quick overview…

Latin  -  Everyone did very well with their vocabulary on the exam. Have them continue reviewing over the holidays, so they are ready to jump right back in January.

Literature We will be moving into our Short stories in the Spring. Make sure the girls have their WAS Short Stories book and will need to bring it each week. 

Logic  - I did a quick review of the last lessons in the Intro Logic book that dealt with fallacies. HOMEWORK: Intermediate Logic book – copy/memorize the appendices in the back of the book (A,B,C).  They need to copy each appendix at least 20 times over the break.  Please encourage them not to leave it to the last week.

Science Fair Projects HOMEWORK:  The SF projects need to be finished over the break. They need to do their experiment, write it all in their SF project notebook, put together their display board, and complete their research paper.  Everything should be completed by the first class in January (1/7/2014).   We will have a peer review the first week or two, then a Science Fair on our CC campus – most likely week 3 of Spring Semester (1/21).  Remember has a lot of great info about the process. 

Science Defeating Darwinism – book for Spring semester. Make sure the girls have the book by January.

Mock TrialHave the girls read through the Mock Trial notebook and are ready for Spring semester.

Have a wonderful Christmas break celebrating our Precious Savior's birth. See you all in January.


Mrs. Jennifer

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