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Week 16 Summary

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Welcome Back!! J 

I hope you all had a great Christmas break and are ready to jump back in with your studies this semester.  It was great to see the girls eager to begin and ready to conquer the semester ahead.   I have switched the Seminar Schedule around on Tuesdays to:

        9:00am     Short Stories (Literature)

        10:00am   Latin

        11:00am    Origins/Science Fair

        12:00pm    Lunch

        12:30pm   Logic 

        1:30pm     Mock Trial

        2:30pm     Math   


Short Stories - We read the first short story aloud in class, The Man and the Snake, and discussed surprise endings as in this story.  We discussed the expectation of work load for this seminar – on average about 2hrs/week.  The students should read each short story at least 2x/home before they come to seminar, fill in the Short Story form (sent home with them for each story they read) and bring back on Tuesdays, answer any review/thought questions so they are prepared for discussion on Tuesdays. As we were reading aloud on Tuesday, there were many new vocabulary words in the story, so please encourage the students to look them up and begin building a vocabulary list for themselves. 

HOMEWORK:  Read The Cop and The Anthem  (at least 2x); answer review/thought questions on p. 31; fill out Short Story worksheet for story. Write down a list of 5 ideas for their short story they are going to be writing through the semester.


Latin  -  We reviewed what we need to bring each week to class: Latin Notebook (which we are adding to each week); Latin homework exercises, Henle Grammar and Text books (purple and blue books).  We reviewed 1st conjugation verbs and introduced 2nd conjugation verbs.

HOMEWORK:  Reread Lesson 10 pp. 120-124; Study grammar and memorize rules and new vocabulary. Make flashcards for new vocabulary and drill daily. Exercises: 135-138; 140-141.  Make sure they are checking their answers and making corrections.  Read pp. 125-129.   There is a different answer key with full answers for each problem available through   – Henle 1 complete answer key - cost $5.


Logic  - Introduced the Intermediate Logic book, and Lessons 1-3, vocabulary and Truth tables. It is what they had been copying over the Christmas break – Appendix A.  Have them continue making copies if they did not complete 25 over the holidays as part of their logic homework.  Also have them watch the Intermediate Logic DVDS that correspond with the lessons we are covering each week.

I will have bi-monthly Logic tutor session at 10:00am-11:30 on Fridays beginning on 1/24 (2nd/4th Fridays) at my house.  We will watch the videos and go over the homework and any additional questions. 

HOMEWORK: Continue copying the appendices if your student has not completed the process. Read Lessons 1-5, and do the corresponding exercises. Make vocabulary cards for the lessons and bring to class next week.  If they have additional time, complete the additional exercises at the end of Unit 1.


Science Fair Projects HOMEWORK:  We will be doing our peer review in class of our science fair projects in preparation for our community Science fair the following week. The students need to bring: Completed display board; research paper, SF experiment notebook and anything else they might have – samples, videos, etc. The girls will be presenting what they did, how they did it, results, etc., next week. Have them practice at home what they will say.  On Jan. 21st we will be having our SF in the afternoon.

Remember has a lot of great info about the process. 


Origins–Homework: Defeating Darwinism –The students are to read chapter 1 and outline it. I gave them each a copy of how to set up their outline.  Have your student read the chapter first for overview; read a 2nd time for their outline; and if able to read a third time to make sure they understand the material.  


Mock TrialWe went over our Mock Trial notebook and expectations for the seminar. I will continue to reiterate the goal of the seminar is academic skills they will be working on, over the completion at the end of the semester.

HOMEWORK: Read the Rules Section (part 1 of MT notebook); Make vocabulary cards (pp. 65-67) – I gave each student a ring with blank cards for their flashcards; and to begin making a timeline of the events that happened in the case. They should use different colors for date, time and actions.  Remember to bring  MT notebook and voc. Cards to class each week.




Mrs. Jennifer

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