Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 18 Summary

Hello All,


Scripture of the day: Psalm 8:3-4, "When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers; the moon and the stars which you have ordained, What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you visit him."


***This Friday, Jan. 24th, 10:00-12:00noon, I will be hosting a Logic Tutor session at my house for all that are interested. We will watch a couple of Lessons of Intermediate Logic (Nance DVD) and review our lessons/homework.  We will probably begin watching the movie, "Inherit the Wind" which ties into our Defeating Darwinism study.  Bring a snack to share if you like.


SCIENCE FAIR: We will be having our Science Fair this coming Tuesday, after lunch (1-1:30pmish).  Please have your students bring: SF project board, SF lab notebook, research paper and any other items they need to show/explain for their project.  They will be setting up at lunch time.   

Just a reminder about our weekly schedule:

        9:00am     Short Stories (Literature)

        10:00am   Latin

        11:00am    Origins

        12:00pm    Lunch

        12:30pm   Logic 

        1:30pm     Mock Trial

        2:30pm     Math  


Short Stories – Everyone shared about their story ideas and focus of their own short story. I gave each student a checklist to help them as they begin to write their stories  - what to include, etc.

HOMEWORK:  Read The Mansion.

Answer the Review and Thought Questions in WAS: Short Stories, p. 56.  Fill out the Short story worksheet for the story. The students should be reading the story at least 2x at home (out loud if possible).  The students need to be write a description of their setting for their own short story.  Come prepared to share it in seminar next week.


Latin  - Introduced the 3rd person pronouns and we worked on a pronoun sheet in class, have them copy again a few more times, till they memorize the Latin pronouns.

We also played "Latin Sorry" game (thank you Sophia for your creativity), to help us review our vocabulary. We all had a blast with the game!! J

Please have the students bring to class: their Latin Notebook (which we are adding to each week); Latin homework exercises, Henle Grammar and Text books (purple and blue books).  Everything from now on is new material, so the students should spend extra time drilling their vocabulary and conjugation charts..  If you have the Latin Trivium Table, please have them use it to help memorize the different verb forms, etc.  Also, don't forget on CC Connected there are Latin videos which cover the new material we are studying. 

HOMEWORK:  Reread Lesson 11 pp.132-139; Study grammar and memorize rules and new vocabulary. Make flashcards for new vocabulary and drill daily. Do the exercises assigned in the guide. Make sure they are checking their answers and making corrections. 

Logic  - We reviewed Lessons 2-5 (refers to Appendix A) again, and introduced Lessons 6-7.  We worked through some of the exercises from the lessons.  Don't forget to watch the Nance DVDs to review the concepts from the lessons. The videos are an invaluable resource for your study of logic.

I gave a quiz this week on Lessons 2-5  (Appendix A: logical operators and 5 types of propositional statements).

HOMEWORK: Continue copying the appendices if your student has not completed the process. Reread Lessons 6-9, and do the corresponding exercises. Make vocabulary cards for the lessons and bring to class next week.  If they have additional time, complete the additional exercises at the end of Unit 1.


Origins–Homework: Defeating Darwinism –The students are to read chapter 3 and outline it. I gave them each a copy of how to set up their outline with vocabulary words.  Have your student read the chapter first for overview; read a 2nd time for their outline; and if able to read a third time to make sure they understand the material.  I will give a weekly quiz on their reading starting next Tuesday. They will be able to use their outline/notes for the quiz.  


Mock TrialHOMEWORK:  Review vocabulary (I gave each student a ring with blank cards for their flashcards). The students are to make timelines of the events that happened in the case and for each witness. We will review them in class next week, putting together a big timeline of the events. They should use different colors for date, time and actions.  Remember to bring MT notebook and voc. cards to class each week.


Math - We reviewed the order of operations and will continue to do so for the next week as well.  We also worked on mental math skills.


I will keep working on helping them organize their studies each week.



Mrs. Jennifer

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