Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 19 Summary

Hello All,

Thanks for bringing your students today so we can make up our community day after the weather this week.  It is nice to be outside again and to enjoy the warm sunshine. J

We had a great day and were able to get through quite a bit of stuff.


Reminder:  Science Fair - this Tuesday!  Yeah!!  Remember to have your students bring their boards, lab notebooks, research papers and anything else to help with their presentation.   The Science Fair will begin at 1pm with set up over the lunch hour.


Recap of what we did today and what they need to be working on for Tuesday.


Short Stories – We discussed the settings of each of the girls’ stories and talked about being very descriptive to draw the reader in. We practiced how to “show” and not just “tell” with words in our writing.  The Quizlet site for vocabulary has definitely helped the students as we read more difficult literature.


Latin  - Introduced the 3rd conjugation verbs.  We went over a few exercises orally in class looking at verbs, determining which conjugation they belong to and verb endings.

Please have the students bring to class: their Latin Notebook (which we are adding to each week); Latin homework exercises, Henle Grammar and Text books (purple and blue books), and vocabulary flash cards.  Also, don’t forget on CC Connected there are Latin videos which cover the new material we are studying. 


Logic  - We worked through Lessons 6, 7 and watched a few more Youtube Intermediate Logic videos.  Don’t forget to watch the Nance DVDs to review the concepts from the lessons. The videos are an invaluable resource for your study of logic.


Origins–Homework: The students are to read chapter 4 and outline it and define the vocabulary. I did not give them any list/outline for Ch. 4, looking to see what they will bring to seminar on Tuesday. Have your student read the chapter first for overview; read a 2nd time for their outline; and if able to read a third time to make sure they understand the material.  I will give a weekly quiz on their reading. They will be able to use their outline/notes for the quiz.  


Mock Trial – Finish making vocabulary flashcards and review vocabulary (I gave each student a ring with blank cards for their flashcards). We began putting together a big timeline of all the events of the case. The girls need to continue working on the individual time lines of each witness so we can add to our overall timeline.  Also, the students need to rewrite the witness statement in the first person for Joe May (Medical Examiner) and CM Chaney (police officer)– Do Not Add Any Material Facts to their witness statements.  The students need to bring 2 copies of their witness statements to class – VERY IMPORTANT!   Remember to bring MT notebook and voc. cards to class each week.  Also, Read through the Rules section and make notes of any questions they may have – we need to know the rules/expectations when we compete in May.  Also, we have the opportunity to compete 2 times – against Slidell and Hammond Challenge B Communities.  It will probably be on 2 Fridays in May (May 2 and 9th). Please let me know if that will work with all the families. We will be nailing down the court rooms, dates, times, etc., in the next 2 weeks. 


We did not get to math this week, but will on Tuesday. If there is any particular area of math that your student needs additional help on, please let me know so I can emphasize/review it in seminar.


I will keep working on helping them organize their studies each week.



Mrs. Jennifer


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